Battle the terrain and other teams to decode puzzles, crack codes and win victory points!


Find clues and raid the Cornucopia


Make alliances and trade resources


Attack other teams & slow them down


"Borrow" insights from other teams

A Whole New Level of Challenge

Wilderness Escape combines the best elements from Scavenger Hunts, Room Escape and soft-shot Paintball on a large outdoor field.


Congratulations! You have been selected as Tribute for your district and will compete in the 57th annual PanAm Famine Games. "May the Odds Be Forever In Your Favour!"

Choose Your Team

Groups of 2-4 players may register as a team. Players as young as 9-years-old are welcome to play Wilderness Escape, however it is advised that teams with kids under 14 years have at least one adult.

Pick Your Role

Scientist or sleuth, hunter or sentry? Will your tools be slingshot and pistol or map and chalk board? Will you decode puzzles or hunt other teams, or will you be the leader who knits your group into an effective team? Every role is needed and valuable.

Start From Scratch

Players will start the game confined to a teather, with NOTHING but their safety mask, and must acquire all objects, including weapons, ammo, gear and clues by exploring the playing field.

Become a Victor!

Teams have one hour to solve puzzles and crack codes to unlock victory points. Victors will receive prizes, including 2 passes for Horror Escape live action escape room in downtown Victoria!


"Wilderness Escape is a fast paced, mind-bending, heart pumping thrill ride! I love escape rooms but this experience is the next level! Can't wait to go back!"

- Tessa Cardy

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$29.99 Introductory Special

Regular $39.99/player, pay only $29.99/player with discount code "Intro29". Your booking includes 1 hour of play time on a 5-acre field full of bunkers and forts, all necessary gear, instruction and supervision.

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