It is my unfortunate job to announce that Victoria Paintball Adventures has wound down operations and Peter Zorn, the founder and driving force behind VPA, has decided to retire from paintball.

After almost 3 decades running paintball games in Victoria, Peter is hanging up the mask and moving on to other things. I hope everyone will join me in wishing him well in this new phase of his life!

The VPA company and brand will also be retired, but fear not, paintball on the same field will continue under new ownership, with some of the same cast of characters. The field itself will become the Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventure Park, and will expand to include a variety of outdoor adventures with a range of intensity levels, from non-contact escape room-style puzzle hunts to full velocity paintball.

The expanded and restructured field is slated to open March 1st for The House Cup Championship, a non-contact outdoor puzzle hunt inspired by the wizarding world of She-who-shall-not-be-named. The return of The Famine Games hybrid paintball/puzzle hunt will follow shortly after, and full paintball sometime in April. For more information please go to the new Wilderness Escape website:

With the diversified options at the field we aim to keep paintball fresh and exciting far into the future. Thank you Peter for three fantastic decades of adrenaline at VPA!!!

Derek Madson
Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventure Park,
Victoria Escape Games,
Urban Jungle Adventures